Hemodialysis & Nephrology

The Nephrology Program

The Nephrology Program at the Renfrew Victoria Hospital consists of a Hemodialysis Unit at the Renfrew site and satellite units in Pembroke and Barry's Bay, Home Peritoneal Dialysis Program, a Nephrology Clinic and a Progressive Renal Disease Clinic.

The Renfrew site is a 20-station unit that provides Hemodialysis treatments to patients from across Renfrew County and the surrounding areas. The unit is staffed by three Nephrologists (i.e. kidney specialists), a group of specially trained physicians and nurses, a dietitian, a pharmacist, a social worker, a dialysis technologist and a biomedical technologist. The Regional Nephrology Centre is located behind the Emergency Department, with an adjacent parking lot and access through to all areas of the hospital. The unit is open Monday to Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The laboratory, x-ray department, hospital gift shop and cafeteria are all within close proximity. Reserved parking for dialysis patients is available near the unit.

The Nephrology Clinic at the Renfrew Victoria Hospital provides services for patients with kidney related issues. Patients are seen on a consultation basis. Referrals are received from family physicians in and around Renfrew County and appointments are scheduled at Renfrew Victoria Hospital at 613-432-4851 ext. 107.

Patients may be referred to the Multi Care Kidney Clinic (MCKC) from the Nephrology Clinic. Patients who have chronic kidney disease attend this clinic on a monthly basis. They are referred to the program for the following reasons:

The goals of our Multi Care Kidney Care clinic are:

  • To monitor the progression of their kidney failure
  • To provide dietary, medication and social support aimed at slowing down the rate of decline in kidney function. 
  • To provide the patient with information so that they may make an informed decision about treatment options.

This multi-disciplinary program provides education and support to patients and their families. The patient is invited to attend several education sessions with a nurse, a dietitian, a pharmacist and a social worker. The topics covered during these sessions include kidney function and disease, the signs and symptoms of uremia, diet, a medication review, treatment options and lifestyle implications.

The Dialysis Unit

Our unit has a home-like atmosphere with comfort items that include:

  • Modern waiting room with fireplace and big-screen TV
  • Large coat room for storage of belongings
  • Built-in weigh scale for ease of access

Each of the dialysis stations include:

  • State of the art dialysis machines
  • Treatment chairs with heat, massage, and adjustable foot height controlled by the patient
  • Individual televisions with headphones
  • Call bell system with pillow speakers

What is expected of the patient?

It is the patient's responsibility to get to and from the dialysis unit. Patients are asked to do such things as take their own weight.  Meals are not provided in the unit but can be purchased in the cafeteria.  Ice chips are available. 

How to access our services

Referrals to the Nephrology Clinic or the Renal Disease Clinic must be made by a physician. Appointments can be made through Renfrew Victoria Hospital at 613-432-4851 ext. 107. Referrals to the Renfrew, Pembroke or Barry's Bay Dialysis Unit can be made by the patient, their family, a nurse, physician or other healthcare professional by calling the RVH Hemodialysis Unit. Patients will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis according to the date of their referral. The Dialysis Unit will also accept travelling patients who are visiting Renfrew County if space is available.

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