RVHF Catch the Ace funds in action

September 01, 2020

x-ray technicians with the new equipment

X-ray Technicians Meredith Brabant and Kevin Barnes trained and performed exams on RVH’s new x-ray machine purchased with proceeds from the RVHF Catch the Ace lottery and installed in August. 

The new x-ray suite and equipment is up and running at Renfrew Victoria Hospital. 

After a tremendously successful lottery that saw the Ace of Spades stay in play for 46 weeks, give out more than $800,000 to weekly winners, $1.6 million to the eventual jackpot winner, and raise just over $2.5 million for Renfrew Victoria Hospital, patients and staff are now reaping the rewards too.
On August 25, x-ray technologists received training on the newly installed Carestream equipment, and on August 26, the first patients had exams in the freshly renovated suite. “We had excellent training from Carestream and I find it’s pretty easy to use,” says Meredith Brabant, X-ray Technician.
RVH’s x-ray department performs more than 17,000 exams per year, and the previous x-ray equipment, at 11.5 years old, was well past its life expectancy.
Dr. Geoff Doherty, President of The Ottawa Hospital and Region Imaging Associates (OHRIA), says that besides the wear and tear of everyday use, the technology changes quickly and especially over a 10-year span. With new, state-of-the-art equipment, “the quality of imaging is greatly improved. We now have the diagnostic images needed by our clinicians.”
Lisa Wherry, Manager, Medical Imaging, compares the old equipment to using a 10-year-old cell phone. “The new software enhances our ability to see details in the images,” notes Wherry.
“Having access to up-to-date x-ray equipment means faster, better-quality images will be available to help doctors in the Emergency Department make clinical diagnosis and inform the appropriate treatments for better patient outcomes,” adds Dr. Kristian Davis, Director of the RVH Emergency Department.
In addition to improved images, another advantage for patients is the reduced dose of radiation required by 20 to 40%.
The suite itself has an expanded footprint which allows the equipment to fully use its capabilities—it can move around the patient instead of having to maneuver the patient into position.
“The unit is on a track and can travel the full length of the room,” explains Wherry. “This is really good for patients who come in on a stretcher, in a wheelchair, or who are less mobile. It provides the flexibility needed.”
The unit is fully automatic and can be programmed for different positions which means staff no longer have to physically adjust it or reposition the patient to take images from different angles.
“There is less stress, less manipulation, and it saves our shoulders,” notes technologist Kevin Barnes.
Alison Green, RVH VP Corporate Services, noted that the communication and collaboration between the entire team helped make this a big success.
“I’d like to thank Lisa (Wherry) for her leadership and excellent management in making this important project a reality and Jamie Cobus, our Director of Physical Plant and Management, for his support throughout, as well as the entire team in Medical Imaging for the exceptional care they continued to provide to all of our patients throughout this renovation and at all times.”
Next up, the Medical Imaging department has begun the process to upgrade to a new portable x-ray unit, also funded by Catch the Ace proceeds. The portable x-ray is used for patients who are unable or difficult to bring to the unit, for example in the operating room, ICU or the Emergency Department.
“We are very grateful for the hard work of the RVH Foundation team and the ongoing support of our community. It helps us to keep pace with technology and ensures that our patients continue to have access to quality care close to home,” says Julia Boudreau, RVH President and CEO.

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