RVH serves up drive-through vaccinations for vulnerable populations

April 10, 2021

Dalton and Gail Stokes 

Dalton and Gail Stokes give the “thumbs up” after completing their 15-minute waiting period and receiving the okay to head home.


The Renfrew Victoria Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic, located in the Professional Building at 100 Health Village Lane on the RVH campus, has provided more than 3,000 vaccinations to Renfrew and area residents to date.

On April 10, the clinic expanded its services to offer drive-through vaccinations for vulnerable populations identified and referred by community support organizations. Those who are eligible (e.g., mobility issues), are contacted directly to book their appointment.

“We are very happy that our clinic location allows us to provide a drive-thru service for those who would struggle to attend the regular clinics. I can’t say enough about the dedicated team that ensures our clinic operates smoothly and safely. They continue to adapt in order to best meet the needs of residents of Renfrew and area during the vaccination efforts,” says Julia Boudreau, RVH CEO.

In addition to RVH staff and physicians who have taken lead roles and shifts at the clinic, new hires and a number of retired nurses and volunteers, as well as Renfrew County paramedics round out the vaccination team under the guidance of public health.

Dalton and Gail Stokes were the first ones in the drive-thru line Saturday morning. They got their vaccination “to be safe” and were very pleased with their experience.

“I didn’t even feel it!” Dalton said about the needle itself, while noting that the clinic “sure is organized.”

They appreciated being able to drive up and stay in their car for their vaccination, rather than having to go into the clinic. “I have to use a walker and it would have been a very long walk,” stated Dalton. 

Following a similar process as the indoor clinic, clients are screened when they first drive up and submit their signed consent form. Once they receive their vaccine shot, their vehicle is tagged with the time and they are directed to pull ahead to a parking area, where they wait and are monitored for 15 minutes before leaving.