RVH & Sunshine Coach work together to provide rides to the COVID-19 vaccine clinic

March 30, 2021

Sunshine Coach driver Lisa Mosseau is happy to be Renfrew residents get to the vaccination clinic. Public Health is contacting those who may need a ride to make the arrangements. 

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘it takes a village’ and that’s especially true of fighting a pandemic. Recently Renfrew’s Sunshine Coach joined the battle to help some of the most vulnerable in our community. 

For Renfrew residents who don’t have the means to get to the COVID-19 vaccination clinic, Sunshine Coach will provide rides to their appointment and home again. In addition, fares are being subsidized 100% through the service’s charitable organization, Friends of the Disabled Renfrew Inc., for as long as they are able.

“This will help to ensure that those who need it will have access to affordable, reliable transportation, which should not be a barrier for anyone who is willing and eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” says Chris Ferguson, RVH Vice President of Patient Services.
Transportation is available to those in eligible vaccination groups who are receiving community support services will receive a call from public health once their vaccination appointment has been booked. Transportation via Sunshine Coach will be offered and arrangements will be made for pick up and drop off if needed. Vaccination times for those using the service have been pre booked into the clinic schedule.
“I love my job because I love helping people. I love hearing their stories every day.”

 Norm Dagg, Executive Director of Sunshine Coach Service, says the mutual support is an extension of the existing collaboration between his organization and RVH.

“I see this as one more chapter in a long history of cooperation and synergy between RVH and Sunshine Coach,” says Dagg. “This undoubtedly was something we were able to leverage in combining efforts to help bring this pandemic to its knees.”

 Sunshine Coach driver Lisa Mosseau is happy to be helping those in need.

 The Renfrew Victoria Hospital vaccination clinic is being held at the Professional Building, 100 Health Village Lane, on the RVH campus.

“This donation from Sunshine Coach is very welcomed for those who are already feeling stressed—it removes one more worry. It’s a wonderful demonstration of the community support that exists in our town, for our hospital and for one another,” states Julia Boudreau, RVH CEO.