COVID-19 Vaccination Update for Renfrew County and District

March 03, 2021

RCD COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Committee

For Immediate Release

(Pembroke, Ontario, 4:00 p.m., March 03, 2021)

Renfrew County and District residents can rest assured that COVID-19 vaccinations for all who wish to receive them are coming. Everyone is being asked to monitor local media and the Renfrew County and District Health Unit’s website for the most current information about who is eligible to receive their vaccine at this time, and the process for getting it.
As of February 28, a total of 2,429 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have already been administered through one of several COVID-19 vaccination clinics. In alignment with phase one of the provincial distribution framework, those doses were given to long-term care (LTC) residents, staff and essential caregivers, priority retirement home staff and residents, as well as prioritized healthcare workers. The delivery of second doses to LTC residents is also continuing.

A targeted rollout to the next priority groups is now taking place. Those who are eligible for this next group of scheduled clinics will receive direct notification.

The RCD COVID-19 Vaccine Command Table and RCD COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Committee would like to emphasize the following key messages for all residents of Renfrew County and District:
  • Priority groups will be notified through various multi-media channels including public service announcements, that they are eligible to receive the vaccine. Please note that this does not mean that individuals will receive a direct phone call or email. It will be announced at a broader level and it is the responsibility of individuals to access that information and book appointments through appropriate channels.
  • An online, centralized, vaccine booking system is being set up for all RCD communities and will be live for residents to access. For those who do not have access to the internet, there will also be a phone booking system. More information and details will be shared with residents as they become available.
  • There is no wait list for vaccines. Please refrain from calling your primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) or the Renfrew County and District Health Unit (RCDHU) or any of the clinic sites about adding your name to a list or inquiring about how to book an appointment. You should, however, contact your primary care provider if you have questions about your personal health status before you receive the vaccine. Alternatively, if you are without a primary care provider, you can contact the Renfrew County Virtual Triage and Assessment Centre (VTAC) (1-844-727-6404) to consult with a family physician. VTAC has advised that the best time to reach them is in the afternoon and evening.
  • We are asking residents to be patient during this time, as we understand that everyone is anxious to have their turn. Be assured that based on the stable supply of the vaccine, there will be enough for everyone to get both doses as prescribed. Information on timelines and vaccine rollout will continue to be communicated as it becomes available.
  • Please also be reminded that dates and timelines are subject to change which is why it is important that everyone monitor the communication channels regularly.
The RCD COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Committee is working closely with the RCD COVID-19 Command Table to provide clear, concise, and timely information about administration of COVID-19 vaccines to RCD residents. As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to move forward, the RCD Communications Committee will release all key information to the public through ongoing multi-media channels.
For the latest information regarding COVID-19 vaccines in RCD, follow the weekly RCD COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Committee COVID-19 Vaccine News Briefs on Committee members websites and social media pages.
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Committee Spokesperson: Carolyn Levesque
Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator
Pembroke Regional Hospital
(613) 732-3675, extension 6165

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