September 16, 2019

RVH surgical program inspires gift, welcomes new surgeon

Jeff Powers has lived in the Renfrew area for more than three decades. Over that time, he has never been hospitalized or had any hospital experience until spring 2019.

After receiving a positive result from a colon cancer screening test, he was referred to the surgical program at RVH. His cancer diagnosis was confirmed and surgery took place on April 8.

Though I was nervous to begin with, it was a very good experience, recalls Powers.

“The OR staff really put me at ease. They were very professional and provided very good pre-op information, so it wasn’t too scary,” says Powers. “I felt calm and confident.”

In recognition of the care he received, community-minded Powers pledged $25,000 to RVH, and the Daycare Surgery waiting room will be named JM Power Aggregates in his honour.

“RVH should be proud of its surgical program,” states Powers, “The care is excellent.”

On the heels of Powers’ gift, in response to the needs of our community, the surgical program at RVH has expanded to include two full-time general surgeons. Dr. David Carver was recruited as the surgical site chief in January 2019, and Dr. Janelle Rekman joined the surgical team at RVH in mid-September 2019.

Dr. Rekman completed her residency training in Ottawa and most recently completed additional fellowship training in Seattle, Washington.

With the recruitment of Dr. Rekman and Dr. Carver, the surgical program at RVH now offers additional expertise in minimally invasive procedures, emergency general surgery and cancer surgery.

Dr. Rekman’s recruitment is also the next step in the link between the surgical program at RVH and the Department of Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). Both Dr. Rekman and Dr. Carver will be part of the Renfrew community, but also be members of the Division of General Surgery at TOH where they will maintain a part of their practice. This has created a strong link between the two programs that ensures patients having surgery in Renfrew will receive the same quality of care as any patient in Ottawa and that patients who do need to go to Ottawa for surgery can be transferred seamlessly.

Rekman, an outdoor adventure enthusiast, says she looks forward to working at RVH alongside Dr. Carver and being part of the Renfrew community. “This position feels like a great fit for me and my family.”

“I'm excited to have Dr. Rekman join our team,” commented Dr. Carver. “As with almost any line of work, two heads are better than one. Having a team approach will ensure that we are both working to our full potential and providing the best care possible.”

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